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Winter is coming!

With the first snowfall already behind us it is important to be prepared for the harsh winter months that are around the corner. To most people that means have your salt and shovel ready. To have all of your wood chopped and ready for the stove. To make sure your shelves are stocked with hot cocoa among other necessities. But are you missing something?

Well from a technology standpoint you might be.

With harsh weather comes blackouts and brownouts among other things. These can wreak havoc on your computer or maybe you will be the unlucky person who is working on that important paper for school or presentation for work when suddenly your house goes dark. Luckily there is a cheap way you can protect yourself!

Battery backups are a very affordable way to protect your computer from damage and give yourself the time you need to save your work. Depending on the backup you purchase and the power draw of your system you may be able to keep working on whatever it is you need to do (at least for a little while anyway)!

Now that we have talked a little about why you should get one, lets talk about the backups themselves. Some high quality brands are APC, Tripp Lite and Cyberpower. By doing a little reading on the devices you can usually get a good idea of how much time your computer can run when using the backup. You also want to make sure you buy one that has enough outlets for your essential devices. Here is a tip though: Don't just plug everything into it. Only put the devices you really need to keep running if you lose power. Otherwise you may drain the battery quickly!

Oh one last thing.. Did you know some battery backups also add a warranty on your connected devices? That is of course only if your connected devices get damaged/destroyed due to failure of the UPS. How easy is it to get reimbursed? I am sure it varies by manufacturer, but it is still worth noting. Read the warranty info before buying!

As always, if you need assistance or have any questions about buying a battery backup, you can give your favorite IT team a call. We are always happy to hear from you!

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