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Cyber Attack Training

Many businesses understand the importance of cyber security. They spend thousands of dollars on firewalls, antivirus, intrusion detection and more. One thing businesses sometimes undervalue is training for employees. Of course sending all of your staff to a seminar can be very costly and halts production, but is it worth it? Truthfully I believe training your staff is equally as important if not more important than your fancy equipment. That being said, there are far more efficient ways to train your staff both from a teaching standpoint and cost effectiveness.

One of the keys to any aspect of a business is defining metrics and your staff training should be no different. If you think having someone run through a Powerpoint on phishing attacks then sending people about their day will protect your business I would venture to say it won't be as effective as you would hope. So how to you keep staff engaged in learning and how do you define metrics to see where your company needs work? This is where training campaigns come into play!

With a training campaign you can have simulated cyber attacks sent to your staff over a period of time and if they fall for one of the simulated attacks, it will bring them to a training exercise! Why is this effective? Because your staff will experience first hand what it is like to be a victim of an attack and then they will be brought to a short training video which is easy to follow. Not only that, but after you launch a campaign you can see which employees fell for the simulated attacks and which ones did not.

Why is reporting important? Well, you will very quickly be able to identify which employees may require more training and you will know what types of attacks have a higher success rate. If you know what attacks tend to be more successful you have identified not only who needs the most training, but on what specific attacks they need more training on!

Now you are probably thinking, a campaign must cost a lot of money since it involves sending out several simulated attacks to all of your employees over an extended period of time, right? Well, since these campaigns are software driven, it is very affordable and most of it is automated once it is configured!

So now that I have explained all of this to you are you ready to get your staff trained? Don't wait! Campaigns can be started quickly and you don't want to wait until something bad happens to take action. Cyber criminals aren't waiting to find victims so don't wait to become one!

Contact us today about setting up a campaign for your company.

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