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How to share tech with non-techy people?

So this is a subject that I face very often in the tech world. How do you get someone engaged in a discussion about technology when they don't have any interest? As someone in the tech field, I understand that technology is not just about having a website or email or other basic uses. Technology is about productivity, it is about newer, better, faster, easier ways to do things. It is about being ahead of your competition, sharing idea's, and that light bulb that goes off in your head that says "wow I just thought of a new way technology can move my company forward."

Unfortunately most of the time unless someone calls us to fix a problem, we get looked at like a 2 headed monster when trying to talk to people about how we can help their business. So how do we bridge that gap? Maybe technology can develop a mind control device that we can point at people and make them interested! Okay, that idea is a little out there *patent pending*, but seriously what is the answer?

To be honest I do not know.

I find it fascinating that on Facebook people will share news that looks like it came right out of The National Enquirer, but when they see something useful about technology most people just skip right by it. I promise you that Oprah did not have a baby with Bigfoot, but yes having a good password policy may just save you or someone you love from having their identity stolen.

My hope is the more that we share, the more people will become engaged. Maybe some cool new gadget will catch someones attention? Maybe someone will implement a policy tip we shared and it will save their business from catastrophe? I don't know what it will take to get people engaged, but I hope the ever-increasing value of information will help move the discussions forward.

What do you think?

IT Brattleboro

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